The Albany Empire Retains Exceptional Player Personnel Director and Assistant Director

October 5th, 2021

Albany, NY - Dave Mogensen and Phil Menas have returned to the Albany Empire as director of player personnel and assistant director of player personnel, respectively. Both Dave and Phil were essential in bringing together the 2021 championship roster, and the Empire is looking forward to having them on the team for the 2022 season! 

Head Coach Tom Menas spoke on both Mogensen and Menas’ impact on the team, “Dave was an integral part of bringing a championship to the albany empire in 2021. His knowledge and experience is second to none in player evaluation. Dave further brings to us a quality that any championship coaching staff needs, and that is his diligent efforts to maintain a high standard in player recruitment. Phil brings us a tremendous football IQ in relation to scouting players that have the potential to be a part of the albany team. He has a great knowledge of the tangibles required to be a professional football player. We are lucky to have Phil return this year”.